AAA Cup Bras: Here is Where To Find Them

Discover the brands and stores that offer classy and flattering Triple A bras with 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, and 46 band sizes. 

AAA is the smallest bra size on the market. While most bras with this bust size are designed as training and first bras for teenage girls, a couple of bra brands make classy and flattering triple A size bras for adults with very small breasts.

Here is a low down on the itty bitty stores and brands that carry the smallest cup bras for flat chests.

AAA Cup Bra Stores and Brands

Little Women AAA Bras

Little Women's Best Selling AAA Bra

Little Women offers a wide selection of beautiful 32aaa bras, 34aaa bras, 36aaa bras, 38aaa bras, 40aaa, 42aaa, and 44aaa bras that flatter small busts. Where you have a petite or large size chest, this store has got you covered. Non-wired, underwired, padded, balcony, plunge, and traditional styles by brands like Royce and Silhouette.

Little Women is a UK small bras store but they ship worldwide.

Lula Lu AAA Bras

Lulalu's Chloe Triple A Bra

Lula Lu Petites offers 32AAA, 34AAA, 36AAA, 38AAA, 40AAA, to 42AAA bras.

The best thing is that the bras are tested on real small-busted women. This enables the brand to nail down the fit perfectly.

Lulalu focuses on simple and comfortable yet stylish everyday wear bras. T-shirt, wireless, bralettes, strapless, push-up, and more. Their bras are only padded lightly. International shipping offered. 

Dainty Lady AAA Bras

Dainty Lady has to be the best bra brand for tiny breasts. Not only do they have AAA small cup bras starting from 30AAA to 42AAA they even have AAAA bras. They also have AA, A, and B cup sizes and band sizes 28-42. Mostly white and black models for daily wear. You can choose matching petite panties. Based in the UK buy they shop internationally. Sadly, Dainty Lady is no longer in business!

What Is AAA Bra Size? The Smallest Bra Size

An AAA cup size is the smallest cup size for bras. It's smaller than A and AA cup bras.

Triple A bras are made for flat chests where the bust is less than half an inch wider than the under bust.

AAA Cup Size Measurements

An AAA bra size means that the over bust and under bust measurements only differ by less than 0.5 inches.

Triple a bras can have band sizes ranging from 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and even 46 band sizes.

What’s An AAA Cup Size Equivalent To?

AA is the sister cup size to AAA cup bras. If you have very small boobs but find that AAA cup bras still don't provide the perfect fit, you can try AA cup size bras.

Just be sure to go down a band size as you will be going up a cup size.

For example, you can try 36AA bras if your bra size is 38 AAA, or see if 40AA might be your best fit if your measured bra size is 42 AAA.

Trying the equivalent sizes expands your range of options. Plus, you might be surprised to find that a roomier AA cup coupled with a tighter band size fits you like a glove.

To Wrap Up

As you can see, the selection of stores and brands offering AAA bra sizes is quite narrow.

However, these few brands that cater to small-busted women have a pretty good selection so you will find plenty of options to meet your needs.


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